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We are a Canadian company, ready to help you with your money problem and get you a better life !

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We use Interac Transfer system. That way you can get your money as soon as possible ! Everything made easy for you !

What our clients say about us

  • ExpressCreditPlus permit me to pay my bills on time ! Thanks !
    Sophia, Montréal
  • Very helpful and fast responding agent, get the money 4hours after my application !
    Tom, Quebec
  • I had no problem with them. They respond very quickly and everything with the transfer and payment went smoothly.
    Emily, Granby

We processed over 8300 loan applications last month

Example of refund

A 500$ loan payable every two weeks and repayable in 10 installments will cost you $ 80.40 per payment.
This information is provided for illustrative purposes only and can not be use as a real loan.

Annual Interest Rate (APR)

The financial institutions we work with offer an annual interest rate of 24%, but the official agent and broker may charge an additional fee for the client’s fees for preparation, editing, monitoring and management Of the application of each loan, which fees are determined by the agent and are independent of the interest rates charged by the lender.

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